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  1. daviddavid

    daviddavid New Member

    Hello to all .
    this is my first time asking anything in forum .

    what i would like to know is if i should stay in this weird relations or leave it ???

    i will try to tell in details because i really like to get the right answers

    i think by this time i already made my decision i just like to know if i'm doing the right thing .

    i'm male 33 years old, i'm with a 25 year old girl we have this relations .

    we never agree that we are together as a couple

    almost 5 months ago we start hangout and we've been together almost everyday , since then
    we start as a friends and after a month we start having sex .
    now i think and she also said that we have very good sex , with no problems at all , .
    like 2 month after we had sex she come to me and tell me that she want to stop having sex at all and it's nothing about me .
    she want to keep this friendship and she's really fighting for it
    now we have a different religion and we both know that it's going no where .

    i have feeling for her and i know she have feeling for me .
    the reason she want to stop the sex ,she said that she's getting attach to me and she feel like cleaning up her self ,and she's feel good with me and she's affried to get too attached to me and then she gonna have problem to leave for traveling.

    now she also said that she's not gonna have or planing to have sex with no one , and she want to stay close to me .

    she's very atractive and i'm talking about we are sleeping together in the same bed touching eachother .

    and she don't want to have sex.

    i just don't understend this and i think it's really stupid , and it seems un normal to me.

    i think hope i explain it well if not please ask anything i'll be happy to answer any question.

    why we should finish it

    1. religion
    2. she probably leaving soon to travel at least for 6 months

    3 .no sex

    why we should not finish it

    1 . very good person
    2. very good friend
    3. someone i can tust

    please tell me what you would do ?
    thanks .
    someone from earth .!
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  2. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    Religion can be overcome, but depending on the distance of this traveling (and if it will happen again) and the reasons why she does not want sex, it may be best to end it. She sounds afraid to commit and afraid of what her future may bring.

    May I ask what religion each of you are part of?
  3. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member

    Depending on both of your religious upbringings, it may be a deal breaker, or it might not even matter. I'm going to guess from your post that it's not a deal breaker, but still matters.

    She wants to stop having sex because she's leaving for a few months, but also she's "cleaning herself up"? That doesn't make any sense to me. What does the cleaning herself up mean?

    Leaving for 6 months shouldn't be too big of a deal. It might be a little hard, but not a reason to call it off.
  4. daviddavid

    daviddavid New Member

    thank you guys for your comment , but let's say it's done .!
    and if any girl ask you to stop sex for any reason
    that not make sense to you , don't believe it .!
    she's fucking other or s
    Lot's of bitch's out there . :)

    sometimes you think you can trust someone, but i guess not.
  5. Veggie_eater

    Veggie_eater New Member

    Obviously she just wants to be friends right now. So you can either take that as it is or stop being friends. If she truly likes you more than a friend than you will find that out after she gets back from her travels.
  6. mandy76

    mandy76 Registered Member

    well i was going to respond but it looks as though you've made up your mind!

    Hope your happy wit ur decision, sounds like it was for the best!


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