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There's a rule in Albanian bars/pubs that after 7pm you can't have certain drinks .
like for ex. you can't drink soda after 7 pm but you can only have alcoholic drinks. or other limitations like that. and this doesn't happen in just a bar or two, it happens almost everywhere. (especially in those popular bars/pubs/places).

- so, you are conditioned if you go and sit in that place. [and to me that's the dumbest limitation]. and it's all about money because alcoholic drinks cost more.


-if you stay in the bar more than 2 hours you HAVE TO order something else .. otherwise...leave...[whether it's before or after 7pm]

do similar limitations exist in the bars/pubs/places you go to?
how do you feel about it?
what do you do? leave the place or follow the rule?
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Are these written rules or just in practice?

I haven't seen a bar with alcohol only rule after a certain time. As for the second one, it's not really a written rule but a courtesy. If you're not ordering anything, it's better to give way to ordering customers especially if the place can get pretty crowded (or limited tables).


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The only alcoholic drinks after a certain time 'rule' is stupid. What about sober drivers, they can't just get a coke or something? Or the people who just go out to have a good time with out getting boozed.

I can understand being asked to leave if you aren't ordering, especially if it's a busy place. Free up tables/space for paying customers. Using the sober driver example, you may not want anything (well especially if you can only buy alcoholic drinks), but your friends are still drinking, so you can stay right?


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Hmmm, i like bars and pubs i can idle there for a bit drinking martini or vodka i wont stay late if i am alone if its with a friend he is the one who will probably make me stay longer!


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Limiting drinks to alcohol only after 7 p.m. is not a good idea. I have been the designated driver for my group of friends a couple of times.

Those rules aren't really in practice here, because they actually encourage designated drivers here, and give you free non-alcoholic drinks.