Starting Threads


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What makes you want to create a new thread? Is it real curiosity to find out what people have to say about the topic? Is it to create activity in the site? Is it inspired by people (see Hybrix's thread)? Other reasons? Perhaps for GF stats? Do you bother to check if similar thread has already been made somewhere?

Do you have moments when you're not at GF and think "oh, this would make a good thread"?

Is there a forum where you usually post new threads? Do you notice any pattern for people who reply to your threads (ex: same people)?

I create threads because I'm curious and want to open a discussion or find out what others think of the topic I have in mind. There were times I've created threads to generate activity in a specific section. Sometimes, while talking to someone we'd have an interesting controversial discussion that we decide to move it to a thread to see if it would generate as much interest/ideas as it did in our conversation.

I try to check if a similar thread has been done about it (scan threads within the related forum or use Search function). If it's been done recently, I just post to it or add something else to my thread idea to make it different.

Yes, I have those times when I'm offline and something happens that either reminds me of an existing thread or makes me think that it would make an interesting thread to discuss (if I don't forget about it when I'm online).

I think I create more threads under Lifestyle section (and its subforums). As for patterns, I notice the ones who take more time/effort than average to reply to my threads (usually members like Icegoat, Altan, Bliss, Bananas and Sim) especially in the Relationships and the MD section.


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I have those moments outside of GF an think, "Wow, I'd like some other people's opinions on this." I just enjoy making threads to see what people think about what I'm asking or saying. I think its one of more the interesting parts of the forum experience.


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I just get brain waves for good thread ideas. I enjoy reading the diverse replies and cheeky comments made by the forums more wittier members.

Most of my threads are in the general section but I have been known to start them in food, lifestyle and sport.


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I usually take inspiration from almost anything. Mostly on events that hit me or conversations I have with people. The problem with me just brain waving it when I'm not around a computer is that 90% of the time I forget all the good ideas had :hah:


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I usually get ideas out of nowhere, Ill be eatting something or reading something and an idea for a thread will pop into my head. But a lot of my sports threads are articles.


Son of Liberty
I usually get ideas out of nowhere, Ill be eatting something or reading something and an idea for a thread will pop into my head. But a lot of my sports threads are articles.
yeah thats a good point to, when Im scrounging for sports articles I usually hit up my old hockey forum and dig through their updates. That was one thing I can credit them with, they were one of the fastest moving forums I've ever been on when it comes to posting up to date... up to the hour articles.

I'd also jacked a few thread ideas from them to off some threads that had turned out pretty successful. :hah: Sadly enough though alot of those random topics didnt fly so successful at GF... what can I say, different demographic here


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I sometimes get bored, and feel like making a thread, so I do. However, if I can't come up with a decent idea for a thread, then I don't make one. I'm sort of picky that way, I don't like to make a thread if it's not going to be a good one. I hate to spam.


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I start threads quite a bit. Often times I will start debate or more serious threads but I also have a bad habit of starting obnoxious threads.

Those who have been around for a while know that if a "Would you rather" threads pops up with my name on it it's best to finish any food you may be eating before opening it. :lol: