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Starting a new Job


Registered Member
I am starting a new job on Friday which I am starting to get a little nervous about. I am also a little nervous about leaving where I currently am as I am settled here. I know the people around me and how they operate, going into a new job I don't really know anyone, I don't know their quirks or their humour. I have heard some very good advice in the past such as not taking part in office gossip (which I stopped doing some time ago), not looking too keen so as to be seen as a brown noser but not so laid back it looks like I don't care.

One thing I am also going to try to do is to avoid taking work home with me or checking emails etc the minute I sit down. In a previous job I would immediately log into my works machine remotely to make sure I hadn't missed anything and this caused me to put a lot of unnecessary stress upon myself.

What tips do you have for anyone starting a new role? Are there things that should really be avoided? Are there things you think you must do? What have you done in the past to make the transition that little bit easier?


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Act like you belong there, but not like it's yours.

Frankly I don't ever feel comfortable in a new environment like that until either/or (A) it pans out for the long term, or (B) the people already there have flaws, deficiencies, or might not know what they're doing.

So just get used to it at a pace that is reasonable for your own comfortability process and do not rush it.


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I just started a new job on Wednesday!

NewGamePlus is definitely right, act like you belong. Fake it 'til you make it, basically. I'm starting to believe most people with confidence started off simply pretending they were confident until it starts happening naturally.

And I guess just try to realize that being nervous comes from doing something new, and not the actual new activity. My new job is something I've never come close to doing, but today, on my second day, my boss told me how great I was doing. Believe in yourself!