Starting A Long Distance Relationship?


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What's the longest distance you've kept a relationship over?

Would you start a relationship if you knew it would have to start out long distance? Why or why not?


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I have had 2 long distance relationships. I live in IL and one was in florida, didnt work at all and when I lived in Wi the other guy lived at the bottom of IL and we have been together for 6 and married for almost 4. If i was not married I would not mind starting a long distance relationship.


no. i don't like long distance relationship. i wouldn't start it if i knew it was gonna be a long distance RS for 2 reason:

1 - a long dist. RS is not a relationship to me because it'll become a virtual RS.
2 - how do i know if the guy is being honest and loyal?

it's hard for me to put the trust in someone else.


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What's the longest distance you've kept a relationship over?

Would you start a relationship if you knew it would have to start out long distance? Why or why not?
15 hour time difference :)

Well, I did. I was traveling when it started. It's very expensive. Lots of traveling involved to see each other, phone bills, etc. Then I moved in for a while, turns out I can't stand living with him so yeah. It didn't work out. :lol: Some things seem to work perfectly only when you aren't exposed much to each other (which works well for long distance arrangement).


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In the past I have, and i was in for 2.5 years on and off. He lived in New York. It was actually pretty serious. We met twice, but our main communication was phone every night. Something about it was nice. We ended up breaking up (for the final time) over emotional differences and stuff like that.

Right now would I start one if I knew it'd have to be long distance? No. Absolutely, no.


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Two. Phoenix, she was in Cali. They are hard and I don't recommend them.

The other, Denise, is in Texas. That was my first and longest one.


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I was in a long distance relationship for almost seven years and then we moved in together. I knew from the start that it was going to be long distance relationship (over 4 hours away from each other) but I only just turned 16 when we first got together. At the time I didn't know how long it'd last or how serious he was about me but almost 8 years later we are still going strong and are very happy together. :D

If for whatever reason I wasn't in my current relationship I don't think I would get involved in another long distance relationship because of how difficult it was. We had to be very strong to make it work and it was really horrible when we were apart for long periods of time.
it depends on the person if they are the "right one" yes
i have a friend whos met a girl one summer from france. they been going out since they were in high school and they've been living in different countries.
they're probs ;) going to get married one they finish uni but they're going strong.

i tip is to get skype, so you can web cam chat with them. that's what he does.


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i would have to say no to a long distance relationship as either party involved may have trust issues never mind the strain of possibly having to go weeks or longer before seeing their gf/bf