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starting a business?


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My dh's birthday is coming up and while I am throwing him this great surprise party in a luau theme, I got to thinking on a deeper level. Without going into a our life stories.... my "dh" has alway provided for his family, we have always come first , and while he does not enjoy what he does for a living he stepped up to the plate years ago for his family, as any good man would do i guess. Anyway we were married and had a child young , we even were divorced , and still are ;) but he gave up proper schooling to go into the military , to provide for his family ,and while he was honorably discharged 8 months later and bagan working for his uncle he has always worked so dang hard. He worked for the same man for nearly 6 years, without a day off. He was never given sick leave, vacation, health benefits, and the only day off he had was when his daughter was born. His boss never even gave him so much as a thank you for your service when he left. He works for a good family oriented company now but i know he wants more.... ya ok so i turned this into a life story, anyways my point is he wants so much to do the things he loves in life, he wants his job his living to be as such , what I am trying to igure out is how can I help him with this, how can I help him start a business in something he wants to do. For one the man is an extrmemly gifted artist, but he also loves his video games, He would like i think to open an arcade but wow , the money that takes, so does anyone know how to get started on something like that , I am clueless as to big businesses ,,, Ive ran a couple internet stores but thats way different..... any suggestions? sorry for the book :)


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My DH is self employed but started ohhhh about 20 yrs ago so not sure about different ways to start now! He just kinda did it with a few connections he made over the years. The first thing that comes to mind is check into demand for what he wants to do in your area. Basically is it a good idea.? If you find that there is a need then go talk to your local small business association or even a bank that does small business loans. Before even that what about size or a location and rent. Figure out operating costs (everything from insurance to electric bill to office supplies etc) Think on the high side so you aren't surprised. Talk to people.....chamber of commerce, other small business owners in the area. Basically network to get info and make friends in the business community. The #1 thing to keep in mind is time. The first year or two of a business is the make or break it time. Your DH will have to put his life on hold and work his tail off to get this up and running. It won't be easy. The worst thing a new business owner can do is not expect to be there 24/7 and just hire people thinking they can own it but not be a MAJOR player (if not the only player) at least at first. That's all I can think of right now (not awake yet....hubbys day off so I could sleep in. I stayed up wayyyy too late last night which did no good for xtra sleep)! Good luck!!!