Started going to the gym.


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That's right ladies and gentleman, I finally decided go to the gym. I have it for free at my work, so I decided to take advantage of it. Now I'm new to this, so I ask my friend to help me out and give me a routine. I do these reps three times each.

So here is my routine:


-Flat Dumbell Press 6-10 reps
-Incline Dumbell Flys 6-10 reps
-Weighted Dips 6-10 reps
-Lat pull down 6-10 reps
-One arm DB Rows 6-10 reps
-Deadlifts 8-10 reps
-Lower Abs 15-20 reps
-30 minutes of cardio, either running on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine.

-Barbell Curls 8-12 reps
-Dumbbell Hammer curls 6-10 reps
-Preacher Curls 6-10 reps
-Straightbar pressdowns 6-10 reps
-Skull Crushers 6-10 reps
-Reverse grip pressdown 6-10 reps
-Upper Abs
-30 minutes of cardio, either running on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine

-Squats 6-10 reps
-Leg Extensions 6-10 reps
-Seated Calf raises 6-10 reps
-Military Press 6-10 reps
-Upright Rows/Shrugs(superset) 6-10 reps
-Dumbbell Front Raises 6-10 reps
-Oblique 15-20 reps
-30 minutes cardio, either running on treadmill, bike or rowing machine

-Incline Press 6-10 reps
-Flat Bench Flys 6-10 reps
-Decline Bench Press 6-10 reps
-Bent Over Bar Rows 6-10 reps
-Lat Pull Ups 8-10 reps
-T-Bar Rows 6-10 reps
-Forearm Curls 8-10 reps
-Other Forearm excercises 8-10 reps
-30 minutes cardio, either running on treadmill, bike or the rowing machine

Friday(Arms 2)
-21's 4 set
-Alternate dumbbell curls 6-10 reps
-Concentration curls 6-10 reps
-Overhead DB extension 6-10 reps
-Rope Tricep extension 6-10 reps
-Close grip benchpress 6-10 reps
-Abdominal blitz continuous
-30 minutes cardio, either running on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine

Saturday(Leg Shoulders2)
-Hack Squats/Leg Press 6-10 reps
-Hamsting curls 6-10 reps
-Standing calf raises 6-10 reps
-DB Outward shoulder raises 6-10 reps
-Arnold Presses 6-10 reps
-Reverse Delt Flys 6-10 reps
-Oblique 15-20 reps
-30 minutes cardio, either running on treadmill, bike or rowing machine.


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I know you mean well with your routine, but to be honest you'll probably be skipping at least 2 days out of the week just from being sore and recovering. If you were more use to the gym and exercise, then yeah, you'll be able to do 5 days a week. But for now, just try to do what you can without exhausting yourself :)



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If you're new to the gym maybe you should just set up a low impact schedule at first because you may end up burning out very quickly with this routine.


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Trust me I am so sore right now. But it's a good thing, it means that I'm using muscles that I'm not been using in a real long time. I am not going to kill myself, so if one day I feel like I won't be able to go than I'll just skip it. But for now, I am going to go even if I am sore. Thanks for the suggestions though.


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You'll do well! Just make sure you're using proper form and breathing techniques when working out, or you could hurt yourself.

Personally, I would combine and condense more. When I was lifting, I would do it 3 days a week and alternate upper body and then lower body (abs go with lower body). I would do my cardio on the alternating days. It's going to be difficult for you to work out your shoulders when you tired out your arms the previous day.


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That's pretty big workout you have there BR, Its great that you get to use the gym for free but dont over do it, like Anita siad it will be hard to work out your shoulders if you are sore from working out your arms.

Is your friend a regular user of a gym, just asking as that seems like a bit much for someone who is just starting out.
I hope you enjoy it, but give your body time to get used to it mate.


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How long does it take you to do just the lifting part of each day? You don't want your total workout to take too long (I'd say around an hour max) for a few reasons.

1. After a point, more is not better.
2. You'll burn yourself out and quit because it takes so much time each day.

I think you could probably cut a few of those exercises out and maybe even bump the 30 minutes of cardio down to 15 and just do it harder than you would if it was 30.

Also, make sure all of your lifting is enough weight to really make it difficult for you. I wouldn't go with a "6-10 reps" approach though. I would try that for a bit and see how many you can do of each and then write down that number so you can go for that number each time. That way you force yourself to go further instead of just stopping anytime after 6 reps.

You'll be in pain in no time. Congrats. :lol:


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My buddy as been going to the gym for a lot of years, so he used to this type of workout. But he's not going to push me to the limit, I am also not going to kill myself during this workouts. I'll try my best to complete them, but if I can't than its not a big deal. My lifting and such are an hour long, I do that during my lunch break, than I do my 30 minutes of cardio after work. When I life dumbbells there around 20-30 lbs, I usually do 20 for the first rep and move up. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep you guys updated.I'm so sore right now Hybrix lol, but like I mentioned that's a good thing.
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Sounds pretty similar to the routine I do.

Except I dont like to do my arms in one day. I also don't do legs. Its a pretty committed routine though.

I don't like doing biceps and triceps in the same day though I think its counter productive so I do Chest/Triceps Biceps/Back and Shoulders.

I usually do 4 sets of everything with reps of 10. I dont adjust wt too often on many routines though. I stick to the same wts on nearly all the sets. I figure if I can't do the set 4 times the wt is too high. And I make the bumps slowly. Bench is the only thing I increase rapidly.

Most of my routines are really just to stay toned I don't think my frame can get bigger.


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Well my first week is over, I actually don't mind going to the gym I don't like the soreness, but I feel good that I am actually doing something to get back into shape. I will keep doing this for awhile I think.

Also when I say I do reps of 6-10 I usually do ten, sometimes I won't be able to take it anymore so I only do eight or nine. But I think in the next few weeks or so I should be able to do 10 everytime.