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Start of a New anime season any title that catches your eye?


Registered Member
Well the start of the new anime season is here and ANN has posted an overview of quite a few new ones.

Heres the link

Any that you guys are looking into. I think the only one that i might check out is the Melancholy of Haruhi

The rest either seem mediocre or just specialty titles. Basically a hit or miss for most fans of certain types of animes.


Likes snow
Ouran High School Host Club looks good, I've read the manga and like that. Same for Nana.

I'm looking forwards to .hack//ROOTS as well, since it's .hack mainly.

and lastly, Melancholy of Haruhi looks promising

Ouran Host Club is the major one for me though.


Registered Member
Nothing much I see I usually just watch what comes and see if it's any good. The only thing I'm excited about this year is FF7 Advent Children other then that noting (I have been waiting 4 years).


Well lets see I'm watching Nana, XXXHOLIC, .hack roots, Ouran High School Host Club.

I really like nana! I guess thats kinda obvious though.


shows so far...

ouran high host club - i love the manga...the anime was alil' disappointing for me at first but i'll continue watching just to see how it turns out

nana - loved the manga and the live action so only natural to watch the anime. Like it so far.

aria the natural - i liked the first series of aria the animation and so i'm watching this one.

gakuen heaven - a new shounen-ai series that i'm watching...loving the drawing.

gonna check out KIBA and the third later this week.

Destined Sayuri

hmmm... only .hack//Roots looks interesting to me right now.


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Note :Ouran High host club is being fansubbed by lunar. I might check it out since they usually do a nice job with all their animes.

Destined Sayuri

hmmm I've never seen anything fansubbed by lunar. pm me the link to their site if you can please.


I Already created a topic listing all the series coming out this season. I also created a topic about haruhi Suzumiya., so I've got nothing to add.


The only series that interested me was Kiba. It looks prety interesting. The others are probably good too, but Kiba is what I would look at first.