Nintendo 64 Starfox 64

On the first level, there are two paths to take. One is the asteroid field and the other leads to a green supernova. What requirements do you need to get to go to this place.


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You need to fly UNDER every arch in the level. Once you fly under the last one you will take the different path and fight an alternate boss.


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after saving Falco you have to fly under all of the arch things. After this Falco will lead you under a waterfall. There are more kills this way and you can choose which level you want to go to when you get back to the map of the Lylat System by simply hitting A once on sector Y then a screen will come up with a switch course button.
I recommend doing the levels in this order if you are going for the greatest amount of kills
2.Meteo (Asteroid Field, take the shortcut into hyperspace)
4.Sector X (Dont take the path into hyperspace instead attack from the outside with Peppy)
5.Macbeth (Train Station, be sure to hit the train into the station for 50 extra hits)
6.Area 6
7.Venom (With Starwolf)

I was able to get 1,900 kills on this route
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