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I'm just another newb going around trying to mooch a starcraft Cd Key for battle.net.... This madness must end! put an end to this illegal and arrogant ploy by sending one.
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I need a new computer. Put an end to my ploy by leaving your doors unlocked so I can steal yours. I'm kidding of course, but, it's not so fun when you are the one being stolen from huh? :rolleyes:

My advice is to get a job at McDonald's. You'll get at least $5 an hour. You can work there for 2 hours and then quit. The important thing is that you'll have $10 bucks. StarCraft only costs around $8 or $9 so after taxes you can still afford to buy a legal copy.

The benefit of that method is that your parents won't go to jail when you are caught with illegal software. :)