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In 1998 this RTS game hit the United States and made one hell of an impact. It set the bar for all RTS games after it. And still today, is one of the most played RTS games online. In its 8 year reign, it has brought in nearly 60 million copies sold, let alone as put out nearly 20 million dollars in prizes in tournaments (GGL, Wcg, Starleague, Pgt, Wgt).

I know most of you probably believe that Warcraft and Wow > Sc. But you also need to remember. If starcraft wasnt made, where would the revenues come from to make those games? ^^ Let alone Warcraft 2 and 3/TFT took its main system off of Starcraft.

If anyone is ever interested in gaming on it (if you so play it). Im PacificTibs.Ace on the UsEast/UsWest/Asia Server (Mainly East), Tibs.Ace on Europe, and currently sG.Tibs on B-Net X (Pro Gamers Tournament server).

Wish me luck in World Cyber Games 2006 for Starcraft. Im making my comeback after missing 2005 due to personal issues going on. Gonna be hard to come out of nowhere from placing 56th in the world in 2004 on Wcg, to nowhere in 2005. Right now im sitting at top 200 in the world. But thats not good enough. I need top 8 :p
I play(ed). I need a new 1st disc, mine got screwed over from a crappy computer.

I am not all into it as you are. I have never played tourney wise, I just like to play the unique built games for an added experience. It's always fun to see what people will come up with next.

I might and hone in on my skills but I need to go out and replace my disc first.

If anyone has a disc that don't want anymore, contact me via PM and we can trade/buy/sell.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I use to play SC a lot, I was/am FenixJax on SC. I use to play the Use Map Settings a lot, like World War maps and Lord of the Rings maps.


Ive got at least 5 back-up copies of the original cd. Only problem is you need a cd-key.

Your probably better off paying 20 dollars for the Battle-Chest and getting strategy guides, original cd, expansion cd, etc...
Well, I have all that...2x over. I just need the 1st disc. I bought the Battle chest 2 times now...my very first time has been hella screwed over by my nephew...who my bro can't watch too well. My 2nd one only the disc got messed up. I have my CD key, my books(x2), and the expansion. Hell, I still have the Battle Chest box xD

If you would be so nice as to "trade" me the 1st disc...I would be ever so thankful ^_^


I dont need 5 copies really lol. All of them are burned backups for when I go compete in Tournaments. Cant be too cautious. If you need one I dont mind sending it to ya. Right now Im on dial up so transferring it would be a mistake. But hey, I used to send out nearly 5 gigs of data out a week ^^ But I wont go into depth of illegal programs being sent.
I play star craft pretty often. I'm not great, but I'm decent. I tend to switch my screen name up every once in a while. The community is full of so many bitches, folks tend to talk shit/complain every game. It's annoying.
I"ve never upgraded to broodwar, I usually play the original.
I did both. Map setting games are fun. Especially the LotR ones. I also play the yugi card ones because it's mass attack in the middle.

Also, Family Guy, DBZ, and others are fun as well. Like Teen Titans too. xD

I love playing the Standard 4 v 4 battles. Especially if someone turns on you in mid battle. Tis a great fun fest.

Tidus, you still haven't sent me my copy. I was wondering if you are still going to do this considering I am moving soon. LMK on Aim