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PC Games Starcraft 2 Finally!


New Member
Just saw awesome game footages of the newly Announced Starcraft 2 at StarCraft II and all i can say is finally!

No more rumors, this is it!
Many have been speculating and waiting for this, I believe.


Secret Agent
Staff member
The game looks awesome. Warcraft was fun but Starcraft was always my favorite of the Blizzard RTS games.

I also updated your link to the official site. They have all the same footage plus loads more. :)


New Member
Serious, the Starcraft 2 announcement has got me playing Starcraft again. It is such a great game. Can't wait for part 2.


Registered Member
I cant wait either and I have always been a big fan of Starcraft. Blizzard has made grat games in the past. Just dont rush it because whenever a game is rushed, it will come off that way. I would rather wait a bit longer with better results.