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TV Star ???

Star ???

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So, now that the Stargate Franchise has ended I' curious to see which franchise people enjoy more between the three 'star' universes. By that I mean Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate.

Star Trek is clearly the oldest universe, as well as the longest running (17 years I think it was from the start of TNG to the end of ST:E).

Star Wars, although it has many cartoons and spin-offs into other media, probably more than any other, is primarely a movie based universe.

Stargate, begining as a movie and then spanning a total of 17 seasons as well as 2 direct to dvd movies is probably the most scientifically sound, but hard to 'cannon' of the three.

My favorite, although I like all of them, is Stargate. Whats everyone else think?