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Movies Star Wars to be a tv show!


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Staff member
Well it's hard to shelf something like Star Wars when there are still millions of fans ready to shell out hard earned cash to buy more toys, games, dvd sets, etc.

I think this could be good. I didn't LOVE the first three, but, they weren't horrible either. The acting (err Hayden Christensen) wasn't the best, but come on, Mark Hamill wasn't exactly Tom Cruise in the original Star Wars.. (Not saying Tom Cruise would have been good in star wars but hey he could have done better than Hamill..)

This new show could be pretty good if it is done right. What I want to know is if it will take place between 3 and 4, or after 6, or heck, before 1? All of that could play a huge factor on how good the show is. If it takes place between 3 and 4 then there almost HAS to be a Vader in it at some point. I mean, the guy is fully Vader at the end of 3 and from what I can tell by the beginning of Episode 4, he didn't exactly just sit around for 20 years while the death star built itself.

I think the show would be very cool if Lucas changed his mind about movie characters and brought a Vader into the mix for a 3/4 limbo period show. There is a lot of time in between those that I wouldn't mind seeing played out.


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Yea, I am caution about it and excited at the same time.

They will either come out with a great show or flop on it.

I do hope it is good.


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What they should have done is made episodes 7,8, and 9. George Lucas knows that it is inevitable even if he did say it wasn't going to happen. The show sounds interesting though, I will definitely give it a chance.


New Member
I've been hoping for 7,8,& 9 myself. I know it's a long shot (a really, really long shot), but who knows. Maybe in another 20 years he'll start the 3rd set.