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Movies Star Wars: The Last Jedi Thoughts (SPOILERS)


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Before I start, obviously there will be spoilers. Back out now if you haven’t seen it yet.

*You have been properly warned*


In general, I thought it was one of the weaker Star Wars movies, possibly better only than Episode II in my opinion. I felt the plot was hardly furthered and we’re not really in much of a different position by the end than we were at the end of Episode VII.

I also felt the light saber battle that was about to happen at the end and then didn’t was singlehandedly the biggest letdown in the movie. Here we are expecting an epic showdown, but then we get punked as an audience.

I may write a more detailed, thought-out review, but for now, here are my three takeaways.

1. Ray and Kylo Ren getting together would actually be pretty interesting. I wonder if they could make this work. Probably won’t happen.

2. Luke’s part in this movie could have been so much more powerful. I was disappointed, mostly because of the non-lightsaber fight at the end.

3. The Vegas casino city in the middle of the Star Wars universe totally took me out of the movie. They even had felt tables and round chips just like ours we have in real life. Making this feel more “alien” at the very least would have been more acceptable.

What did everyone else think?


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Alright, now that I have more time....

First off, it's certainly the funniest of any of them. They really had fun with it and they made a point to led the audience know, "Guys, these movies are supposed to be fun, try not to be get so bogged down in the mythology." They were clever about that, without being condescending, which is a trick when it comes to the fanatics.

Secondly, the action and the visuals were simply insanely well done. With the exception of the scene with Rose and Finn's escape, the CGI was pretty flawless. Meanwhile, shots such as the AT-AT Walkers on Crait in the gloaming, the fighters on the planet with the red trails, any number of shots on Luke's planet, the battle in Snoke's throne room ... they were all just gorgeous. Filmmaking at its finest.

Driver and Ridley were really good in their roles.

One thing I really liked is that while the previous movies really focused on Light vs. Dark/Good vs. Bad, this one blurred the lines a little bit more and gave a sense of shades of gray. Lucas notoriously wrote strong archetypes and followed some established conventions, so it was nice to see them muddy the waters a little bit.

It should have been shorter.

The audience in my theater broke out in applause at least seven times during the movie.

Perhaps the most impressive part of it to me was when Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) did what she did, the entire theater audibly gasped. Like, really loudly. I haven't heard such an expression of admiration/shock since seeing Independence Day in 1996 (when the alien attack ends and the screen cuts to "July 3", I remember a deep exhale from the audience in my theater).



This movie was kind of a mess. It had some great moments but it also had a lot of eye-rolling moments. I'm not sure what I'd rate it, all I know is that it wasn't as bad as the prequels. So, hey, it's got that going for it. I plan on going to see it again in the next few weeks. See if it can win me over. Who knows. Kinda disappointed.


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I was not impressed with this movie. Not impressed at all. It left me wanting something more. Anything more. A little corny in spots and the funny parts were not funny. Now we're on to the new generation and it starts all over again. I don't think I will be a fan.