Xbox 360 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


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Does anybody know when this game is comming out? I thought it was gonna be sometime in spring but it hasn't released yet.
Aww for God's sake I was looking forward to getting it this spring.

Well it looks good from the trailers I saw...and at least it's for PS2.


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I still think Lucasarts will somehow fuck this game up. They haven't put out a good Star Wars game in awhile. Probably Battlefronts II was the last one...

I will still buy it none the less.


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I dought it will suck, I can understand why they have decided to push the release back.

I'm sure the physics engine needs some fine tuning for the force powers to conduct smooth animations and the environments are pretty detailed. They know they have a great tittle and I'm glad they wont half-fast the release.