Star Wars Poker Set


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Hi I came across this one and thought I would share this one with ya too.

In the game of poker, keeping the advantage is important. If you're lucky the force will be with you, but just in case you come across the dark side you need the Star Wars Poker Set. This Special Edition Poker Set is the perfect gift for any avid Star Wars or poker fans.

This superb poker set features 200 colored chips, 2 packs of playing cards and a stainless steel 'Death Star' dealer button. It comes in a sleek black plastic carry case which can light up the chips inside to give the glowing effect only a lightsaber can offer. The chips feature the faces of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi.

L 530mm W 190mm D 65mm

Product Features:
• Special Edition Light-Up Star Wars Case
• 50× Green Yoda Chips
• 50× Red Darth Vader Chips
• 50× Blue Luke Skywalker Chips
• 50× Blue Obi Wan Kenobi Chips
• 2× Packs of Playing Cards
• Stainless Steel 'Death Star' Dealer Button

Retail cost is $149.95. You can find these at your local Sharper image or It's your Move game stores and more.

Is this what you were looking for Blueyes..
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Oh snap, you had to go and find it didn't you. Now I'm going to have to buy it and when I pull that out instead of my current set those people are gonna be like huh?
Night, your post sorta makes it sound like you were paid to post that ad for those chips here.

But its cool! I just wouldnt spend that much on it...


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That's pretty cool, I like how the chips are lightsaber colors.

That death star dealer chips is awesome, I want one.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Night, your post sorta makes it sound like you were paid to post that ad for those chips here.
I am a Super Collector and I like to share my passion with others.

Blue said something about Star Wars poker sets so I thought I would post it.
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