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~Star Wars Misprints~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi there my fellow collectors.

I usually stay away from Star Wars toys and such but I could not let this slip through my fingers.

I recently purchased a Misprint Star Wars Die cast "Boba fett" that reads "Darth Vader" on the plaque. It is in flawless condition.

Here is the sweet part (besides the misprint part) I got it for .99 and 6.00 shipping so $7.00 total. :-o That is half of the MSRP..

The only reason I got it was cause the seller was new to ebay and listed it in the wrong place and had it categorized and misspelled to boot.

Now the hard part..Detrmnining the value..This piece is going to help pay for my pet project..

I can guarantee you that I will not make the mistakes that the other seller did.
I'll post pics if you need to see it..
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..

Well I just sold it to a mega collector for 450.00 bucks! :-o So that was the best 7.00 I have ever spent.

So it does pay to find those misprints and goof ups.