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Star Wars Graphic Novels


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Who here has read any of the Star Wars graphic novels? I have a few of them and love them. I really would like to see some of them eventually be filmed in some way or another but we'll see. It could be very hard to do though because the plot was a lot deeper than what would fit into a single movie.


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I've just read the Kotor comics, but they were quite good.


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I read one graphic novel about Star Wars. I don't remember the title, but here is some of the story to see if you know the title of it.

All I remember of it is that Luke stayed behind on a ship to confront the Palpitine. He cloned himself, so he was back. I guess he has tons of clones ready so he can transfer from one to the other, so in a surpise move Luke kills all the clones first then goes after the one walking around and talking. And that is it.