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Alright I've noticed that there's a lot of Star Wars fan on these forums, now this might shock you but I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life.

Here's a few simple questions:

-Why should I watch Star Wars?

-It is a must to start from the beggining?

-Are they all worth watching or I can skip a few and won't get lost?


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You should see the original trilogy at the very least!

Great story to it, special effects were before their time and...

...Seriously...WTF!? Never!?

Anyway, you gotta watch them all or you'll get lost. Suppose you could watch either of the trilogy's without having seen the other one but if you start one of the trilogys you have to watch all 3 to get the whole story.


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Do it, Do it NOW!

Harrison Ford is God. Watch the originals the newer versions are shite, well some of them at least. IMDB should become your Commandment, and it says that the Star Wars movies are in the top 250 movies, two of which are ranked 8 and 10.


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Okay, now that I'm over the shock, you might as well see them in order, this way when you get to the good ones you will know what the hails going on but just remember the last 3 were filmed first.


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Gotta disagree BlueEyes, sorry buddy.

You really should watch the original trilogy first! Trust me.

He should experience the same way the rest of us did if he truly wants the Star Wars experience.


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I think that if he started to watch the recent ones he might get turned off the whole thing, so I agree with J-D, watching the originals is the best plan. Another reason you should watch them is because Ewoks are just so cute and so is Leia, which goes without saying. So grab a bag of popcorn and go!

My question to the OP is: Why have you not watched or have even been tempted to watch one until now?
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I would recommend watching them in this order but I don't see it as a HUGE deal.

4 - A New Hope
5 - The Empire Strikes Back
6 - The Return of the Jedi
1 - The Phantom Menace
2 - Attack of the Clones
3 - Revenge of the Sith

The first three are prequels and are so much better if you save them for last because they actually will ruin some of the surprises in the first 3 otherwise. Although if you are going in 100% cold (which I doubt) then you're going to get some huge surprises either way. If you watch them in numerical order then you'll have some different surprises that you wouldn't normally have if you watched them in production order and vise versa.

You do need to stop everything and watch them now though.