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Star Wars Episode III


Registered Member
Wow. Cruise over to Starwars.com and check out the new Episode 3 trailer. This movie is going to blow away any and all expectations. It looks so good, I can't even begin to explain it.

Anyone want to see Palpatine and Yoda face off in a lightsaber battle? Check it out. Seriously.


Registered Member
Who the hell is Palpatine?

Is Jar Jar Binks in this one? Mesa just hate that damn bastard.



Registered Member
He will most likely make an appearance in the movie.

I will no longer watch anything about this movie until i see it in the theaters, as I came across a link on another site that had alot of spoilers on it, and I am too stoked to have any more ruined for me!!

If you dont know who Palpitine is, you really dont know Star Wars...

I Still day thet the Senator/Supreem Chancelor" Palpatine we see if a clone of "Darth Sidious" not actually the real palpatine!!


Registered Member
OOOOOHHHHH MMMMAAAANNNN. May 19 can't come soon enough. That was awesome.

Why can't I see it now?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Me want to see verry bad.I think that i will hide tin the movei theaters the night before.No seriously the movie looks awesome!Take a lookat e-bay the toys and other stuff is on sale...Check it out.. :D :lol: :D :lol:


Registered Member
I really think that this movie will wrap things up nicely. I was worried at first, but the closer we get, the less anxious I am about it. BTW, RarePD- Palpatine is the Chancellor of the Senate in the prequels, he is the evil Emporer in the original trilogy.


Registered User
Yeah, I was very worried how the would do the transition for Anikin to Darth. I am not worried now. Looks great.


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well, considering that Padme dies shortly after there birth, and Obi-Wan riddled with the task of hiding the two from Anakin/Vader, I figure they will show something like Obi-Wan showing up on Alderaan/Tantooine and giving each child to the prospective "adoptive" parent... with little forwarning of whos child they really are...