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Star Wars books


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First off, if you don't want to know what some of these books are basically about don't read this post. Lately I have been reading a lot of Star Wars books, some of them are good, and some of them are horrible. Did George Lucas make some mistakes in approving some of these books? I just finished up Jedi eclipse a couple days ago, it was by far the worst Star Wars book I have ever read, they kill off Chewbacca to put Han Solo by himself to go and defeat a madman who kills Jedi with his special mind powers that Han is immune to. I also read a book called the Mandalorian Armor, it's about Bubba Fett after he miraculously survived the Sarlacc pit. He is taken captive and his armor is stolen from him as far as I could tell, the book was very hard to follow, I think that he went on some kind of hunt with Dengar to get his armor back.

Did George Lucas make a bad choice approving these books worthy of the Star Wars Title?


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I use to read them all the time.

But I kind of got out of the habit.

I thought I might try to pick it up again, but I have to many other books to read.

Maybe later, when I get the other 50 or so done.

My favorite ones are:

The Courtship of Princess Leia - Though Darth Vader and the Emperor are dead, the Empire lives on and a weakened Alliance must find powerful new help if it is to survive. The answer could lie in the Hapes consortium, a cluster of sixity-three hightech worlds. There is only one catch: Princess Leia must marry the Queen Mother's son, the dashing and wealthy Prince Isolder. Han Solo reacts badly to the news. Tricking Leia, he flees with her to the beautiful but untamed planet of Dathomir, where he hopes to change her mind - and win her heart. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker and Artoo form an unlikely partnership with the jilted prince to track down the runaways. But their mission is only the beginning of an adventure tht will lead to the discovery of an awesome treasure, a group of Force-trained "witches," and a showdown with an invincible foe.

Jedi Search
Dark Appdrentice
Champions of the Force

Those are my favorite ones.


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Any real star wars book reader should know that the Emperor, no matter how hard the rebels try, is always going to survive, his DNA is spread throughout the entire galaxy and he has multiple servants who clone him. In the official episodes 7-9 he is fully alive and well, just one of his clones was defeated. It's kind of weird knowing that a character in a very famous story, no matter how many times he dies he always survives.


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I had heard somewhere that he was indeed the Dark side of the force but in human form.

I did actually know about his clones.

Does that make me a true Star Wars reader.

lucky me, lucky me.


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I like some of the books. The books with the characters from the movies are the best though. Ya, some of them are pretty bad...


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The worst was Tales From Jabbas Palace, I could not stand that book, it is by far the worst Star Wars book ever created. here are some titles that I recommend

The mandalorian Armor
Attack of the clones
The Force Hunter
Boba Fett-The Fight To Survive
Champions Of The Force

these are quality Star Wars Books


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I used to read these books all the time. Some of them were pretty good, some of them were rather interesting.... to say the least.


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The worst was Tales From Jabbas Palace, I could not stand that book, it is by far the worst Star Wars book ever created.
What is it even about? The daily routine of Jabba & Friends? That sounds deathly boring.


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Read the Thrawn Trilogy?

CHewy was killed by two planets (or was it a moon) colliding whilest he saves one of Hans children. When a Wookie gives a life debt, its only done when there life is over.

I have over 70 books, from the orinigals, to the expanded universe.

I would love to see the Thrawn trilogy make it into movie form, then again I would also like to see Shadows made too (actors are too old now for that)

I have most of the New Jedi Order stuff (havent gotten the last few) I liked the series so far, think I stopped reading when one of the kids (supposedly) was killed