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TV Star Trek: Favourite Series?

Which is the greatest Star Trek franchise?

  • Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

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  • Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)

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Apologies if this has already been done.

Which of the five series of Star Trek gets your vote as the best?

The Original Series: TOS: The command triad of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy made the original series well-balanced with humourous moments but also serious and well-thought out concepts. The addition of Chekov, Sulu and Uhura among others make this one of my favourites, and introduced us to the aggressive cunning of the Romulans; the aggressive aggression of the Klingons, and the ubiquitously remembered Tribble. Top drawer!

The Next Generation: TNG: The late 80s saw this fantastic addition to the Trek franchise; beefed up to reflect conceptual tech advances in the 80 star years since Kirk's crew. Picard, the quintessential thinking man's captain, led very few away teams, that responsibility falling to ladies' man Riker. Add in the ever-humourous Worf, and the adorable Data. Try to forget about Wesley, and try to run away from the Borg, and you have seven seasons of sci-fi heaven.

Deep Space 9: DS9: A slow starter at least in the public's eye, this series focused on Benjamin Sisko's command of the ex-Cardassian station, Terok Nor, protecting Bajor from their previous occupiers. The Dominion Wars' complex and manifold threads allowed characters as diverse as the fireband Major Kira Nerys, Trill symbiont Jadzia Dax, and Quark, the profiteering but lovable Ferengi, to expand and explore the darker side of war, politics, and religion, with plenty of action thrown in too.

Voyager: VOY: What do you get when you throw a Starfleet vessel 70,000 light years away from home? A tale of the human condition, struggling against a seemingly impossible task. The addition of the Maquis crewmembers gave us Chakotay, the yang to Janeway's indomitable yin, and hot-blooded men everywhere hollered for Seven of Nine, the human face of the Borg. Tuvok, Torres, and others all had to unite in a common cause, but this didn't stop Voyager encountering its fair share of enemies (the Kazon for one) and treating us to action every week.

Enterprise: ENT: The prequel of it all. Jonathan Archer's nascent NX-01 ship on many occasions never survived thanks to the Xindi and the time-wars, but with the newly formed Federation's brightest and best, this series had the same mix of drama comedy and action that all trek fans crave. I can't comment much more on it cos I've never watched it.

Discuss and debate all you want, but remember: resistance to Trek is futile! ;)


still nobody's bitch
TNG. The rest are shite. Picard ftw.

P.S. try to forget about both Crushers.


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TOS is non-competetive ... it's just so different from the later series it's a genre on its own. :cool: Even when it's cheesy (and it often is in retrospect), it's so bad it's even good. Have the entire series on Blu Ray, and deservedly so!

Now the later series:

DS9 is my favorite! Yes, it had a slow start, but really became great later. The characters are more multifold (think of Garak, Veyoun or Dukat) and most of them deeper than in the other series, there is a lot of light-hearted comedy (the Odo/Quark love/hate relationship is just great). There are many hot topics in it, politics and religion, yet it's mostly true to the optimistic spirit of Star Trek.

TNG is a close second. It's not as multifold and faceted as DS9, many characters remain shallow (the Crushers and Geordi, for example), but I just love the character of Picard -- a great role model, thinks before shooting, intelligent, humanist ideals. And of course Data is just cute.

I like VOY least. After the amazing DS9, it was a step back. It felt to me that they just recycled the less interesting plots from TNG, just with much less interesting characters, no politics or hot topics. And that's probably my main problem with VOY: I simply cannot relate to the characters, with the possible exception of the Holodoc. Janeway is irratic and not very interesting, Chakotey shallow, Tom, B'Elana and Harry just acting immature and Neelix fits better into Sesame Street than into Star Trek, IMHO. Also, it seemed that way too often, they neglected character development and often made the characters act untypically, because the plot required it. And the formula soon got old, too often just another "forehead of the week"-alien or another "space anomaly of the week".

ENT is a mixed bag. I like the characters more than in VOY, they successfully made them more "down to earth", and the first season was promising for a first season. But the second season severely lacked creativity, they went back time and again to old ideas they had done to death already, and forgot the premise ENT was supposed to be a prequel. Season three was a failed attempt at introducing more sex and action, and I hated the Xindi -- why introducing another race we had never heard of before, although it was supposed to be a prequel? Why not rather bring in the Romulans, or Tholians, or continue the arc about the Andorians? Season four was very good in the end, just like this prequel show should have been right from the beginning: They focused on many prequel stories that were great fun. Learning more about Andorians, Vulcans, Klingons and Tholians, even about the parallel universe -- so season 4 made up for the weak second and third season. Too bad it was cancelled, just when it started to be really good. But still, all in all, ENT is not as good TNG or DS9, IMHO.
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Where is my Queen?
The Next Generation was the best Star Trek series in my opinion because that was what I grew up on. Deep Space Nine is definetly in second place remember watching it every Wednesday night after school.


I must be the oldest to post so far because The Original Series was the best followed by The Next Generation.


still nobody's bitch
I must be the oldest to post so far because The Original Series was the best followed by The Next Generation.
:nod: you're one of 4 members who are older than I am.

that post semi-regularly, anyway.
TOS. is in it's own league. It's always the best, and will always be that way.

TNG is the series I grew up with, and was the one that got me into sci-fi.

VOY. Should've happened right after TNG. But is my second fav.

DS9. Never really watched it, was watching other sci-fi shows at the time, exploring a lil bit.

ENT...Never watched it.


Babeasaurus Sex
I love TNG and VOY the most. I could curl up and watch either at any time :)

And anyway...ensine Kim and Paris and Chikotay. Omnomnomnom



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I have to go with TNG. I was introduced to Trek through TOS; my dad used to watch it all the time when I was a kid. Even so, to me it was always a bit dated, even back in the 80s. When TNG started up, with it's then-modern special effects and wider range of characters, that's when I really got hooked on Trek in general.

The later series are all good in their own way, but also tended to be too derivative of TNG in some ways. DS9 is the most unique of them, I'd say.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
TNG is my fave followed by TOS. My interest started waning with DS9. I never got to watch the others after that. I have most of the movies though and I particularly liked the one where TNG crew meets TOS. I watched it last week.