PC Games Star Trek Elite Force 2

Nee help for this game. I wanted to play it again after a long time but CD 2 got an scar by accident. I tried to install it but it stop at 76%.

So I went to a friend who has a better DVD drive. We could after a few trys copy disc 2. I was very happy.
Now I wanted install Elite Force 2 at last but it doesn't recognize CD2 and I think my mistake was to doesn't give the CD a name.
I've already throw away my original disc 2 and can't doublecheck the disc 2 name.

Please if anyone owns Elite force 2 check what name disc 2 has. It's my favourite game. :(


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think your best bet is to go on a torrent site and download the game again, just make sure you use your original CD key and it won't be piracy.