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Star Fox Command for the DS


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I just picked up this game and I love it!

Here is a bit on starfox. Fox returns to his roots in a blistering 3-D space shooter.

Battle in galactic dogfights! Fight the universe's most terrifying enemies as you pilot your Arwing through intense space warfare!

Blow friends out of the sky! Challenge up to five players over local wireless or take on three players from around the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi connection

Take control. Pilot strategic flight paths on the touch screen as you soar through a story that features a gripping plot, nine different endings, and popular characters like Falco,Lombardi and Krystal.

All in all the game play is smooth, and the touch screen enhances the game play. Very happy with how they did this game.

And the multi player combat mode is a blast to play..The dogfighting is a blast.
I give this game 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

More games to be listed and reveiwed soon.


Well-Known Member
I have played multiple starfox games, ranging from running around on the ground to flying in a ship and using a submarine, I like all starfox games so I will probably get this, it is difficult to make a bad starfox game for Nintendo, though the one with the island wasn't the greatest the others were great, I was always better at the spaceship games then the running around with a weak little pistol,

I'm still waiting for a good donkey kong game, maybe Donkey Kong 64 DS

If this is a spaceship game then there is no doubt that I will buy it and love it.