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Standup Comedy


aka ginger warlock
I wasn't sure of the best place to put this but Theatre seems to be the most appropriate.

Standup comedy may be one of the purest forms of entertainment left, the reason I say that is because as rehearsed in the back as a comedian can be when they step out onto that stage it is all or nothing, there are no re-takes, there is no-one backing up and if the crowd do not like you they will tell you.

For me some of the greatest standups I have seen are:

Jerry Seinfeld
Phil Jupitus
Eddie Izzard
Ryan Stiles
Colin Mochire
Chris Rock

There are more but off the top of my head these are the ones who stand out, who would make you list though and do enjoy standup?


Sally Twit
Lee Evans and Alan Carr are the only two I have seen live and they were absolutely brilliant. They are both born entertainers and really own the stage when they perform. I am not a fan of any others to be honest with you.


Registered Member
I am a huge fan of Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Ross Noble and Hannah Gadsby. They are all unique stand ups who, unlike a lot of stand ups out there, actually entertain without having to resort to shock value for shock value's sake.


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The only stand up comedian I've seen is Carl Barron but I absolutely adore Ross Noble and Arj Baker.


I've only seen one stand up comedian live on stage and that was Kitty Flanagan. She was hilarious, and I enjoyed it quite a bit but it's not something I would do often. It's not my preferred type of entertainment, and a comedian has to be REALLY good for me to pay to see them live.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Awesome thread :) I went through this phase where all I did was watch stand up comedians, and a few comedy gala events also. I absolutely love Chris Rock, his nonsensical style of comedy just gets me laughing, if his voice doesn't get you rolling, than his non stop white vs blacks jokes will lol. ONE comedian I didn't find to be too funny and actually rather bland was Ricky Gervais. I believe the man is a comedy genius, but he fails to impress me via stand up. I don't know, you tell me, when your entire set up and joke premise is based on fat people and all you can come up with is "fat people love cake", that doesn't leave enough room for me to appreciate him. Love the guy, love his work, but his stand up is rubbish in my opinion :/