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MLB Standing Ovation for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Breaks my heart, to say the Pittsburgh Pirates are eliminated.
Would've been an absolute, fairy tale ending if they had gone on to the World Series. It just seems, that the Cardinals are too good of a playoff team.

I honestly believe, If the Dodgers can win the NLCS against the Cardinals; they win the World Series no doubt.

Regardless, the Pirates had a great season. No one thought they could actually make it and that they would collapse like they did last year. Future's looking bright for them.


New Member
As a Jays fan, I'd trade places with them in a heartbeat. Making tje playoffs after 21 seasons was fairytale enough for them. They have a very bright future.


The return shall be legenday!
A lot of baseball fans were getting tired about the Pirates overcoming not making the playoffs for 21 seasons, but I disagree...I loved their story. I felt it was great for baseball that a franchise who's struggled all that time finally made it to the post season. The experience they garnered should only help them going forward.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I was someone who was growing tired of the constant Pirate talk but then again my team was facing them so I have an excuse haha

It just seems like analysists shouldn't be openly rooting for one team but I disgress

It was a good year for them though and they should be proud. I think they get back into the playoffs next year and beyond.