Stand-up Comedy


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Any do this?

I've written a few routines and gotten some good reviews from friends (but that doesn't count for much, does it?) but I haven't had the guts to perform any of it.

The more I think of it, the more I realize it's my life's dream to be a comedian. It's not a short lived dream, it's something I've actually wanted for a very long time.
Thinking about is a lot more difficult than actually doing it. Go for it, otherwise you'll have those nasty regrets that like to hang around throughout life.
Do it!


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Thinking about is a lot more difficult than actually doing it.
Well that depends if you are good or not. :)

I've done it just with friends and stuff but am also thinking of doing some open mic stuff around town. I have a few routines/bits I've worked up that seem to do pretty well. I'd like to test them out on an audience sometime.

You planning on going for it soon? If so let us know how it goes. Of course if you can get a friend to take some video (not to post online necessarily) you should just so you have it later on to look back on.


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I've still got some serious work to do on it, but I'm also deciding how to approach my act, especially if I want to characterize myself at all.