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Stan Kroenke buys land in LA


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The Los Angeles Times reports Rams owner Stan Kroenke recently purchased a 60-acre lot in Inglewood, Cal. that "could potentially be a used for an NFL stadium."
According to reporter Sam Farmer, Kroenke appears to have bought the land late last year. The terms of the Rams' St. Louis lease allow the team to move penalty-free beginning after the 2014 season. In and of itself, the purchase isn't a smoking gun that the Rams are L.A. bound, but it certainly ups the stakes in the team's St. Louis negotiations. Acquiring land is just one in a litany of hurdles any team would have to clear before packing up and heading to Hollywood. Local laws and regulations have made it nearly impossible for a viable stadium deal to emerge. That being said, owning both the team and the necessary land puts Kroenke way ahead of past failed suitors. It's not a good development for fans who want the team to stay in St. Louis. Jan 30 - 8:57 PM
Source: Los Angeles Times
Thoughts on this? As a Rams fan, I have a bad feeling. MIllz theorized that it could be more to do with negotiations than we'd think, but…I have a bad feeling.


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Well honestly I can't say I'm too shocked, especially if this leads to the Rams going to L.A. Don't get me wrong St. Louis is a great market, but L.A. does have all the glitz and glamour an NFL owner could want


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Again, I dont think an NFL team in LA would succeed as it is more about the Dodgers and Lakers over there. Imo, they should stay in St. Louis.
The way I see things, there hasn't been an NFL team in Los Angeles for over 20 years now and quite frankly, the league hasn't suffered from it whatsoever. And besides, the Rams in LA were pretty much like the Clippers back in the day; nobody really gave a fuck when there were two teams in LA because it was all about the Raiders.

And anyway, the Kroenkes are idiots so I don't expect them to do anything rational. Hope for the people in St. Louis they'll keep their Rams.


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I have zero preference either way about what happens with the Rams, but I think it's odd that the second largest city in the US can't support/doesn't have an NFL team.


Sultan of Swat
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St. Louis, of course, extorted the Rams out of California themselves 20 years ago.

I would hate for you boys to lose your team, but I love to see a football team in LA.


Better Call Saul
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The LA market is big but the NFL doesn't need a team there.

They are a multi-billion dollar corporation without the LA market.

Also, fuck Los Angeles. One of the worst cities I've ever visited.


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There are a number of teams, including Jacksonville, that are in more desperate straights to find a new home than the Rams. When the dust settles, I believe both LA and St. Louis will have teams - just can't say which ones.