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stamp collection


Registered Member
I would quiet like to start collecting stamps but i'm not really sure were to start


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not really. Try getting hold of some old envelopes with the stamps on the older the stamp, the more value it has. Ask your family, they will def keep things like that. Also try find a collectors shop near by or google it. Find out more about the stamps and which ones hold more value


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I was lucky, my dad already collected stamps so I started with his collection.
I collect all kind of stamps but in particular, Italian Republic stamps.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
My collection came to be without planning it. I correspond to people in several countries and before the time of the email, people do send snail mail often. If you're a traveler, send yourself a postcard from everywhere you go.

If you're thinking of really valuable collections, join a club of stamp collectors. I'm sure they'd be a source of interesting suggestions.