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Movies Stallone v Schwarzenegger v Willis

Who's the better actor

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Okay, I've vaguely established that asking people who like Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg is as reliable way to split a room as the love/hate for marmite.

Now, just because I can, discuss your favourite actor from the following three choices. A trio of typically butch-hard-blowing-stuff-up-tough-guys. If you haven't heard of them you live in a cave and have no eyes or ears.

The candidates for deliberation are:
Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Scwharzenegger
Bruce Willis

Happy chatting.


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For me it's between Stallone & Arnie, I just can not stand Bruce Willis.

The fact that Arnie can act in all forms of movies gets the tick from me.


I'm serious
I will admit to being a childhood fan of Arnie. I loved the man. There was a time I could say that I watched every single one of his movies, the more obscure unknown ones. I am not too sure when that changed. As far as action heroes goes, he was pretty much it for me during my childhood years. (Total Recall ftw).

That said, out of the three actors in the poll, my fave will have to be Bruce Willis. The man is a legend. His acting skills far out-performs that of the others imo. I am guarenteed to enjoy any movie he is in. The Die Hard movies will remain my favorite action saga for ever. So Bruce gets my vote.


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I'm a huge fan of these three actors, all of them are amazing action stars. But for me it's pretty easy since I'm a huge fan of the Rocky and Rambo movies. I've seen all the Rocky's about fifteen times each, but I've seen Rocky IV at least 40 times. I know most of the movie by heard.

Other movies that I enjoy from Stallone are:

-Tango and Cash
-Demolotion Man

They are a lot more, but those are the only ones I can think at the moment.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Willis definitely has a range that is missing from the other 2. Schwarzenneger and Stallone have made some great action movies that are a lot of fun to watch but I've never felt any real depth from any of their performances (With the exception of T2 for Arnie). It goes a long way to explaining the differences when you consider that Arnie's most convincing role was a robot and Stallone's becoming more and more inaudible as he's going along.


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I think I prefer Arnie. Although Bruce Willis is close with the roles he's done which range from comedy to action to drama to romance to well, almost anything... some are even B-Movie territory.

But there's something about Arnie's roles that stick in my craw. Like the iconic introduction of the Predator, Numerous one-liners and an accent that seems totally unique. He can also knock out a camel.


Son of Liberty
Bruce Willis All the Way.

Stallone was garbage in my opinion. Sure Rocky was good, I never saw Rambo, Cliffhanger was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen and the only memorable shoot 'em up action movie of Stallones that I can think of is Demolition Man with Wesley Snipes. Other than that, Stallone falls dead last in this one for me.

Arnold has a lot of great movies, my favorite of his being True Lies, least favorite being Eraser. However "You one ugly mother fucker" will always take backseat to "Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fucker".

On the Die Hard series alone, Bruce Willis has what I consider the absolute best Action performances. Its not often at ALL that I like every single movie out of a Trilogy (or in this case a Quadrolgy?). And Die Hard aside, Bruce Willis has a bunch of other movies that he's in that are spectacular Action movies. So for that... Willis is my favorite.


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While I enjoy the other two, I love Bruce Willis the most. He's also the sexiest.

I like Arnie for the lulz factor, though. It's not a tumah.


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Stallone was garbage in my opinion. Sure Rocky was good, I never saw Rambo, Cliffhanger was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen
Actually Stallone's worst movie has to be Cobra with Brigette Neilson. Anyone remember that trainwreck? Now, with that being said, Sly Stallone is still my favorite outta the three.


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Bruce Willis for me, too. Granted I've seen him in about double the amount of films that I have with the other 2, both of whom I like also, but I do love some Willis.