Stalker 2D Game.

How about this radicle idea...Stalker the trilogy in 2D?

I've put alot of thinking about it and came to the point that this would be a long run... It could take years...And then i start thinking "what if its just one of those..." one of those games that take years to complete but still only one guy takes a look at What do all you guys at GF think... There would be mutants, like snork, flesh, bloodsucker, blind-dog, burer, controller and all of those guys. Than there would be stalker(of course), bandits, military, freedom, duty and all of those guys. Weapons would be a hard fact..and armor(maybe,if needed) and artifacts. So all i know need is your appinion on this...mission based or free you have missions that are like levels, or you can go around doing what the hll you want...What do you think?