Stalingrad memorial in danger of collapsing

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Bjarki, May 8, 2009.

  1. Bjarki

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    I already get dizzy standing next to a regular-sized church, but boy, this thing is HUGE :-o
    Look at the tiny dude next to it, lol :urp:

    Would be a shame to lose such a great treasure.. dedicated to perhaps the most important battle in history. :shake:
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  2. Nibbles

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    It really is a beautiful statue. I can't imagine that the government would let it fall, literally shattering the memory of defeating Germany.
  3. Bananas

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    Im sure £5m would be worth ever penny to save such a monument, it is beautiful. It is not a lot of money by todays standards, Im sure Volgograds historical interest and tourist industry is worth more than that alone.

    If the Russians are not willing to foot the bill perhaps some of the western countries should club together, after all we are kind of in debt to the significance of the battle and its influence on our own destiny.
  4. ysabel

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    Wow that is huge. I haven't seen it before. The article said 85meters, it looked taller than that. Anyway I agree with Bananas. I hope they save it and get funds to do so.

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