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Stage Fright


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Do any of you suffer from stage fright? Any tips for getting over it?

I've never really had an issue with stage fright. Since I was a kid, I've been on stage as my dance class used to put on big productions. I remember my first solo part I was slightly nervous, but after that first show it didn't bother me at all. On the other hand, if I have to give a speech, even if it's only just to a couple people I shit myself. I don't sleep the night before, I can't eat, and i'm really twitchy.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've never been in a play so I can't comment on that but I can comment on giving speeches and things like that.

I get extremely nervous before I have to give a speech but for whatever reason once I'm up there and get the ball rolling I don't have too much difficulty. It really helps whenever I'm speaking on something I am interested in. I remember my freshman year in college I wrote a speech on why baseball needed a salary cap and I got a perfect score haha. Or when I wrote about earthquakes and gave a speech on that. My professor loved my earthquake speech so much she asked me to be on the speech and debate team to which I respectfully declined lol.

It is the anticipation that gets to me. If I could skip the part of waiting beforehand I'd be a lot better off.


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Yes, speeches make me nervous. When I was in school anyway, now that I've gotten older, I have sort of grown accustomed to being in front of the class so to speak. But as a young girl, I would get nervous having to give a speech and when it came time for a county wide spelling bee. Now that I'm all grown up, it doesn't bother me, I am in front of a huge group of people most of the time, sometimes a huge class.


I've been on stage a few times when I was younger when singing.
I've always been nervous and I'm sure I still am when getting on stage.

When giving speeches I don't think I'm that nervous, especially when I have anything to read or say anything that's written on a paper.


Sally Twit
I guess the only way to get over it is to practice. You could even get a group of friends together to watch you perform. It's not the same as a room full of people but it could help.
I always found that when I was on stage in school plays I would look at the back wall, rather than looking around at the audience. It made it a lot easier for me to say my lines or act my part.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm the opposite. I always thought I was scared of being on stage that I even avoided the mandatory public speaking classes until they're the only courses I have to take in order to graduate. And then soon after I did, I found myself being in jobs that require being in front of big audience on a daily basis to give presentations.

Visualising it prior to getting on stage helps. Much of the scary part is the idea that something might go wrong and we don't want to look stupid. Preparing for the possible scenarios do help because it gives us time to think of what to do in case...or how to gracefully fail. LOL. During presentations, you need to pick a person that can make you feel comfy, instead of facing several strange faces that could make you nervous. Anyway, for a large group there is a way to do it and still appear that you're looking at all of them (when the audience feel your eye contact, they could get more encouraging). And smile. And breathe. Don't be afraid to pause, and use that to relax a bit... you don't need to fill every moment with something although silence tends to make most people feel more scared, kinda like those in suspense movies and you are waiting for doom.