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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Major, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    Have you been on any stadium tours? Which stadiums would you like to take a tour of?

    I did a tour of Camden Yards right after it first opened, and I think I've been on a tour of Wrigley Field, but it was so long ago that it's hard to remember now. Also, I got a brief unofficial tour of the United Center a few years ago when my friend worked for the Bulls.

    I'd love to tour any major college football stadium or the new Cowboys Stadium. That place is just nuts.

  2. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    I tour a new baseball stadium pretty much every year because my family and I travel to differnet parks alot. This year we toured the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. I've also toured PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Miller Park in Milwaukee, Turner Field in Atlanta, and whatever they now call the park in Phoenix.

    Baseball wise, atleast, they are alot of fun and its cool hearing about the teams history and what not.
  3. idisrsly

    idisrsly I'm serious V.I.P. Lifetime

    I've not done an official tour of any stadiums. I would love to actually do a tour of Soccer City to hear more about the idea and design behind it though.

    I would also really love to do a tour of the Greenpoint Stadium (Cape Town) and the Moses Mabida Stadium (Durban). Especially the Durban one. That stadium is just awesome.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    Unfortunately I haven't done much, especially Baseball stadiums. I've done the Rogers Center(Blue Jays) I've down Olympic Stadium(Expos) I've done Bell Center(Montreal Canadiens) ScotiaBank Center(Ottawa Senators) I'll be doing HSBC Arena(Buffalo Sabres) in November against the Canadiens.

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