Stadium plans unveiled to lure team to L.A.


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LOS ANGELES (AP) - Billionaire developer Edward P. Roski Jr. has made a commitment to build the kind of stadium an NFL team needs to thrive in Los Angeles. Now, he's hoping one will commit to play there.

Roski, a part owner of the Kings and Lakers who has spent years trying to lure the NFL back to this area, unveiled plans Thursday for a 75,000-seat facility in the City of Industry he said could be finished in time for the 2011 season.
"I intend to develop our stadium project that meets all of the NFL requirements, and more," Roski said at a Staples Center news conference, where stadium models and artist renditions were displayed. "Always the most important thing has been the certainty of doing this. A team is not going to commit to coming to Los Angeles without a stadium. We've taken this one point of uncertainty and made it a certainty. The stadium is a certainty and it will be built."

And, Roski added, without public money.
"Absolutely no taxpayer dollars," he said. "There's no taxpayer dollars to get."

The proposed 600-acre site, near the southern intersection of the 57 and 60 freeways about 20 miles east of Los Angeles, would be surrounded by a shopping mall, and located on a vacant property which Roski already owns. Roski said around 12 million people live within 25 miles of the site.
"We are aware of it and are monitoring all stadium-related developments in southern California," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said from his New York office.

Roski said the cost would be around $800 million, adding the stadium will be built into a hillside meaning far less steel will be required. And that, he said will result in a cost of about $400 million less than it might be otherwise.
Roski said the site is already zoned and an environmental impact report was approved in 2004.
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I live near City of Industry! I could go over there and enjoy some football... Hmm... to bad I don't like football, though. :\

Good that they're creating and producing plans instead of stealing the San Diego Chargers.


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I don't see why they can't support a second team.

The real question is which team will be moved there or will the NFL add two more expansion teams to the mix?
L.A. should just make their own teams because they have a history of getting other teams and then they move to another city (former Raiders, Chargers, Rams, etc)

And I wonder what this would do to the current California football teams.


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I believe if we got an NFL team back to play in L.A it would only benifit the NFL, I think the fan support would be there and it would be exciting to see a new expansion team join the NFL especially if it's a new L.A team.
Why doesn't anybody create an NFL team? Even if they suck for the first decade that's still better than no team. You can create jobs and more entertainment. I'd like it to be called the L.A. Anchors.


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I say go 2 team expansion, a new team for LA instead of moving a team there, and another city TBD by the normal process and extend the season by one game and to make up for that one less pre season game.