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Stables vs. Tag Teams


Haters gonna hate.
Which do you prefer?

A stable like Nexus or Nation of Domination or a tag team like MCMG or Dudley Boyz?

Not individual teams or stables? Which concept do you prefer?


Where is my Queen?
I prefer stables all around. When the WWE actually had a decent tag team division, good tag teams came out of stables. One example was The Brood, that basically created Edge and Christian as a dominant tag team in that era. The way the WWE is right now, I think that most people will agree with me and say that it is better to have stables at this time than to create new tag teams with the current weak division. Just wish there was a balance of both like TNAs.


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It really depends on who's in it.

Back then, I prefered stables. DX was one of my favorite stables, as was the Ministry. Stable's like that are long gone IMO, but I prefered them back then over tag teams back then. Now, I prefer tag teams like the Hardy's, the Dudley's and the Brother's of Destruction, yet IMO those types of tag teams are long gone


Sultan of Swat
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I agree that it depends who's in the stable. Take Right to Censor for example, I could stand that stable, so I much prefer Edge & Christian in this instance, but if we're talking about early NWO and early DX then I'll take that stable over a good tag team.

Till this day, I still believe that the Hart Foundation is one of the best stables of all-time.


Haters gonna hate.
As you guys have said, I prefer stables as well. The good ones are long gone in favor of tag teams (except in the E) and TNA has done actually a fair share of both. The one place TNA does shine is in the Tag/Stable division. I like that about them.


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I always like stables with a dedicated tag team. I can't even think of an example outside of DX with the Outlaws.


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It's a tough call, but I have to go with stables. Nine times out of ten, a stable will be something exciting that changes the whole dynamic of a show and/or company. Plus, you can put any two members of a good stable together and have a decent tag team in play.

A tag team can be very exciting, but as far as impact, power, and excitement for fans, the stable gets the win in my book.