Stabbed a friend in the back online. He found out! Need help

Hey, i recently posted on a forum (not this one) and my flat mate knew my username so he searched it one night and saw messages i had wrote which included him.
In this forum i was talking about 2 female flat mates of mine, saying i like one of them, and i was saying i would be a better match than my male flatmate for her. i said he was very ugly, desperate, and unsociable and made out i was so much better than him. i also exagerated facts. i feel terrible, i totally stabbed him in the back. Im never usually like this, im a guy for christ sake! i was drunk when i made the post, but thats no excuse.
He registered, and either him or one of the girls replied with disgust.
What on earth do i do? I havnt seen him as he is home for christmas. And he hasnt confronted me directly. He is a close friend, and so are the two girls.
I am so embarrased. What should i do? If the girls did read it, they will hate me for ever and think im some kind of freak.


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The first thing you should do after you stab a friend in the back is apologize. Apologies go a long way toward making things right after you stab a friend in the back.

I know that if someone who I thought was a friend stabbed me in the back, I would not continue to be their friend unless they first apologized and owned up to what they did.

I would just be honest and say "listen, I'm so sorry I stabbed you in the back, there is absolutely no excuse for me to have stabbed you in the back and I am sorry. If you don't want to be friends with me after I stabbed you in the back, I understand, but I am truly sorry."


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The most important thing is to be sincere in your apology. Most of the time, if someone sincerely apologizes to me I will accept it. Everyone makes mistakes...but not to those who aren't sincere.


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I'd apologise, but at least make it to my advantage.

Tell him, how you have been a dick and you are sorry but you can not explain your actions other than being drunk and letting your emotions towards said female get the better of you and you needed to pat your ego as you were jealous. Men do stupid things when women are involved all the time, it is our weakness (and at least by other men) can be forgiven.

Say sorry to your mate then kind of ask "sooooo, how can you help me?", if he tells you to f-off, it is your choice to do the noble thing but if he is a decent guy he would understand and may even help you on your quest.

What ever you do; dont do nothing.


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You just need to apologize and give them time to get over the fight.

True friends forgive.