St. Louis Cardinals defeat New York Mets


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And there is no New York team! Detroit and St. Louis, what a World Series there will be!

Sorry if this is a repeat thread.


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I'm so happy right now if I was old enough I'd be drunk. Everybody said we couldn't beat the Mets and we did. But were going to have a tough time with the Tigers. But congrats to the Mets for an amazing year and series.


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I am really pissed off because this year it was the Mets year. I am not making any excuses for them but if their pitching staff was healthy then we'd be seeing a Tigers and Metsworld series. Anywho i'll give credit where credit is do. Good job to the Cardinals for beating a very impressive team.

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Darn, I was hoping for a Mets/Tigers showdown. Maybe some other year in the far future ;). However, this is the Tigers year, so they have to win it, or they should. I'm rooting for them. GOOOOOOO TIGERRRRRSSSS!!!!