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St Louis Blues


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
After the beating they gave the Avalanche last night, it made me think of this topic. The Blues are one of the better teams in the NHL. They're currently in sixth place in the Conference, but their only four points out of first.

Is this their year? Can they make a strong push for the Stanley Cup?

I like the Blues a lot. Good defense, goaltending and four lines that can score. The one worry I have with them is they don't have the one go-to guy (Crosby, Ovechkin, Kane, etc.) who puts you on his back and carries you for a while when needed. So when crunch time comes, does everyone look for someone else to make the big play?

And, yes, even though Steen is having a career year, he's not that guy.



New Member
This is as good a year as any. They're roling 4 solid lines, Steen is on fire and they have solid defense. Also having 2 tremendous goalies and a seasoned coach gives them all the necessary ingredients to have a deep playoff run and a finals berth.


Registered Member
I have been a fan of the Blues team over the last 4 years. If this is their year, I hope it is against Boston or Montreal.

Only time St. Louis has ever made the finals, which was THREE years in a row, they played Montreal twice and Boston once and never won a single game.

So if they are to ever take the Stanley Cup monkey off of their back, I hope it is against either one.
I guess it's gonna mostly depend on how far Jaroslav Halak can carry them during the playoffs. If he can repeat the 2010 playoffs streak he had in Montreal, St. Louis could be unstoppable in the Western conference.