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  1. Hello everybody! I am new to the boards and i saw that there was no thread about melee in your nintendo area. This simply cannot stand so anyway this thread is just for talking about melee in general stragtegies teir lists for who the best character is and favorite combos. well anyway my favorite character is marth followed by luigi just because he has a ridiculous wavedash. well i hope this generates some discussion.

    Strike out.

  2. Merc

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    I have a question: Why does everyone insist that Fox is the best character? I just want an honest explanation.
  3. SOAD2k8

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    I don't know, but I always used Pikachu or Kirby. Nothing like kicking the living crap out of Nintendo characters!
  4. The truth is that fox is probably the hardest character to truly master. i only know a couple of people personally who have actually attained a mastery of fox. he is the best character by far when controlled by an expert such as this his speed agility and gimpish combos are very dificult to get out of when properly done which is often harder to accomplish. i have seen many tier lists and the top three are almost lways in this order fox, shiek, and marth.
  5. Sephiroth_Masamune

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    The extreme fact with him is that he is freaking fast. I have mastered him in terms of combos and agility. I can still be beaten though because me and my friends used to play this all the time. We have mastered numerous characters. As a matter of fact me and my friends sat at a booth for playing SSBM at Six Flags and no one could beat any of us.

    As for fox though, try grabbing someone, slamming them to the floor and using his shield to throw them off the board. It's a small but useful combo. That and his Up + B attack is killer for deaths.(I think it's Up+B, been awhile here).

    As for fav. characters...I like these...

    Shiek(Zelda only for floating back from a knockoff)
    Mewtwo(for pwnage pokemon style)
    Capt. Falcon(FALCON PUNCH)
  6. Gankutsuou

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    I much more so perfer Roy, Marth, Gannondorf, and Falco over him. Falco is probably my new best character. Much more perfered.
  7. n00bEat3r

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    Marth is my best, but DK is by far my favorite. I just love raw power :D
  8. MikeGmCb

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    Top 3 Hardest to Master:
    1. Game & Watch
    2. Peach
    3. Jigglypuff (Non-Special Freeks)
  9. Sorayoushi

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    Pikachu is my favorite. I just love to stand on edges and use my thundershock. Also, I'll use my thunder under bridges to hit the oppenents above. I like to use marth too but I'm better with Pikachu. One person I know mastered Fox while another mastered Ness. They're both pretty good at Melee.
  10. I have to say that my Favs are Marth, Link, and Shiek. I myself do not beleive in a tier list since anyone can get beat by a higher ranked tier. I think it all matters how you play your character and how good you are also not by the tier list.

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