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Sry I'm a big fan of silly forum questions - Get down


Which is sexier, having a penis or having a vagina?
There was a debate in my health class. A guy in my row argued penis's, in general, are less ugly then women's vagina. (lol) Which do you think is prettier; less unattractive over all.
I'd vote for the penis (no homo). Only because the vagina bleeds once a month.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
U made a repeat of the same thread, I just noticed it too. Did ur computer somehow didn't load the page fast enough >>;


Problematic Shitlord
Ehh . . wow.

You said which is sexier, which seems to say which do you like . . which in turn would be a question of sexuality. I'm pretty sure I get your question, I just think you phrased it a bit awkwardly.

The only real drawbacks to having a penis are NRBs and being kicked there. Both situations are not very pleasant.

Yeah, I think I'll take inoppertune boners over PMS and bleeding.

PLEASE PEOPLE this isn't sub-talk, so try to keep this conversation mature.


No Custom Title Exists
I don't know.

I never thought about this and the way you posted the post, it looks like you want to have a vagina too


A Darker Knight
A girl once told a classmate of mine, "Having a pussy ain't as good as it sounds." But then again, how should I know which one is sexier? From a guy's viewpoint I'd say (not me) having a vagina is sexier....


Registered Member
WOW, the things on fusion never cease to amaze me.

Don't get me wrong I love females, but I have seen some pretty messed up looking vaginas in my life time. How ever from watching porn’s and just looking at what I have I would have to say a pennies. The general structure of it seems to be simple, where as a females can very so drastically making it unattractive. It could have an s.t.d, be to loose, to fat, hairy, and lord knows what else that could turn any one away.

Hmmmm that was just odd, I hope you are happy with your self Luc. I'll be disturbed for the rest of the day now.


I would have to say a pennies.
In that case i say quarters! no but really...

Penises all the way. Why do you think all those famous sculptures have penis and nuts proudly on display and somewhat as the center piece of the whole sculpture? All the women sculptures and art mostly aim at being secretive; hiding whats between the legs. Dont think ive seen one where she is spreading so you can see it lol


Forum Drifter
I don't know I've seen some very very nice looking vaginas. So I'm gonna go with that. I think of the penis as more of a power symbol though.


It depends a lot actually. I mean if a girl doesn't shave and keep it clean and what not, then thats incredibly disgusting. Same can go for a guy also though.