It's not me, it's you.
I have five bottles of water sitting on my desk. I have had two different people today ask me what they are for.

WTF do you think it's for?


rainbow 11!
Either One Eyed Odin or Grey Eyed Athena.

You have to call them by a proper title. Like- Almighty Zeus. Wise Athena.


rainbow 11!
Then it just sounds retarded. Get into character, woman. lol


rainbow 11!
I would like to see you try, bitch.

I have a toga you can borrow if you go for a greek or roman god or goddess.


If you choose a female goddess say something about how you hate men. lol That would be hilarious. I think the best would be Artemis, she is a sworn virgin, as well as Athena, I think.

Especially if the next person to ask is a guy lol