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Squid Injects Woman's Tongue With Sperm Bag As She Eats In Korea


The squid was partially cooked -- of course it was hot and bothered.

A woman in Seoul, Korea was eating semi-boiled squid when the cephalopod injected its sperm bag into her tongue, according to research published in February.
source: Squid Injects Woman's Tongue With Sperm Bag As She Eats In Korea

I can't help but laugh a little at this, while being extremely grossed out at the same time. This has happened before but they still do it!? Maybe eating things while they are still alive isn't a good idea. You might end up with a bunch of squirming babies in your tongue. Things like this make me really glad I'm vegetarian. Although, even back when I did eat meat, I doubt I ever would have eaten a squid while it was still half alive.


Registered Member
awwww, Poor squid. That would be the most horrible feeling though, to have squirming babies in your tongue. But I don't feel sorry for the woman at all. I've seen videos where animals were served and eaten half alive and it's terribly cruel.


Free Spirit
Staff member
There are some things I won't eat and squid is one of them, especially half cooked and still alive. I hope next time maybe she will be more careful about what she puts in her mouth. Have to feel sorry for the squid more than her if it was still alive.
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