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Hi all.

How many of you remember reading Spy vs Spy in MAD when you were a kid? Who did you want to win?

YouTube - Spy vs. Spy

YouTube - Spy vs Spy - High Bed

YouTube - Spy vs Spy - Karate School

I loved these guys when I was a kid. I still read them in my yearly subscription to MAD. I have been reading MAD since I was about 11. I like the fact that Spy vs Spy has it's own cartoons and books.

I always rooted for the Black spy..I don't know why. I always liked the bad guys better.
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The Hierophant
Aren't they both the bad guy, though?

I always rooted for the white spy. They're on MADtv's earlier seasons.


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I never rooted for anyone, I just watched while the mayhem unfolded. these guys were like, one of the quintessential cartoon violence dynamic duos. right up there with Tom and Jerry and Ren and Stimpy.