Spurs(3) vs Nuggets(6)


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This is going to be an interesting series, Nuggets are a fast pace team and the Spurs like to take it easy. Anthony and Iverson need to be monster in this series, and Camby will need to be Mr defensive, he's going to need to get those rebounds offensively and defensively, and he's going to need to be a blocking machine. Also if the Nuggets can stop Parker and Duncan which is easier said then done, then the Nuggets should be able to win this series.

Going with the upstet Nuggets in 7

If your giving your prediction please tell me why you selected that team.


I'm picking the Nuggets. It won't be easy- Hell, the Spurs are one of the best teams in the NBA but now that Melo and AI have gotten into a flow, they are going to be hard to stop. But i think that Camby could controll Duncan on deffence, and once you take Duncan away from the Spurs it's like takin, a motor from a car.


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I would love to pick the Nuggets but I just can't do it. The Spurs generally take care of business in the early rounds and it'll probably continue here. The reason that Denver does have a chance though is because they have two big-time superstars in A.I. and 'Melo. Camby is probably one of the few guys that can defend Duncan one on one. However, the rest of the team doesn't defend particulary well. I don't know how they're gonna stop Parker from driving the lane. San Antonio can also shut down any team with their D. Spurs in 6.


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Spurs will shut down Denver. Well, that's being really harsh. I'll just look bad if Nugs win.

I think the Spurs will be more efficient. They won't lose leads or turn the ball over at crucial times. They have a well balanced all-around team too. Duncan is an automatic double team inside. Parker can drive and shoot. Ginobili can do the same. Horry and Finley are excellent role players....


Spurs in 6. They have more playoff experience together as a unit. They know what it takes to get the job done


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Well as much as I hate the Spurs I think that they will take the series. If they do not under estimate the power of the Nuggets. They have to be one of the more underrated teams this year and I think they could pull off an upset but im thinking Spurs in six.

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Spurs in 6.
They're too experienced and don't make huge mistakes.
Have won 57 or more games over the last 5 years.
Won titles in 2003 and 2005, lost last year to the Mavs who went to the Finals.


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Yes they do have the experience, but on the other side you have a hungry Iverson and a Carmelo Anthony trying to prove that he's a winner, and he can lead a team. I know both teams are hungry but I believe that the Nuggets will be more hungry in this series. If Bowen cannot stop Anthony then I believe the Spurs are in some trouble. They might have the experience but the Nuggets are determined and ready to take that next step.


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First of all, Carmelo Anthony can't lead a team yet. His lack of leadership is the reason George Karl almost benched him, which would have been the first time for that to happen to a scorer of his caliber. Second of all, the style of play of the Spurs is just about the worst matchup the Nuggets could face. They slow down the tempo and they make the game physical, two things Denver is very bad at managing. If they faced Phoenix, they would have had a chance, but now I'm just hoping to be a part of the attendance in a high energy 6 game series.