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Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall is Blue Jays season


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OK, there's still plenty of snow on the ground. You can't see any green on the baseball field. So what? That doesn't stop a Blue Jays fan from wanting them to put on their winter clothes and go talk to their friends from where ever you live. Well not exactly in the Chicago area. Not many Blue Jays fans here. Mostly Cubs and White Sox. That's ok it isn't fun to always have to follow what everyone else does.

The Blue Jays and the Cubs faced each other only once this year in a 3 game series. Roberto Osuna on the Blue Jays blew the lead the Blue Jays had in the 10th inning. This also caused the Blue Jays to have no chance to get in the wild card.

Well that's last year. Let's focus on the 2018 season what we want the Blue Jays to be like this year. Of course most of the same players will be on the team including Josh Donaldson their best base percentage hitter, Justin Smoak their best home run hitter, Steve Pearce who hit 2 grand slams back to back and Marcus Stroman who's just as good Clayton Kershaw or any other pitcher that you can think of.

I don't want to say too much because if I did it won't give enough for others to talk about. So let's talk about what we know about the Blue Jays. How they played last year and what improvements they need to make to stay in the race for a chance to get in the 2018 playoffs. Don't think that's a far off task.. You have to vision before you can read your goal. . Sure it's game by game. But you still have to look long term what players to invest in and which ones to let go . Winning three games won't be enough . . Winning has to be consistent to stay high in the standings. The General managers and the coaches need to be planning for this years schedule for the Toronto Blue Jays. .

First of all do you have any favorite players on this team?. . You can name one or as many players as you want. .After all your a Blue Jays fan. Why limit your choice?. .

Next is what do you remember about last years season? What good or bad things did the Blue Jays do? Who are some of their better and worse players? I'll name one to start this off. The first one is their starting pitcher Joe Biangi. That pitcher couldn't even win one third of his games. He's absolutely one of the worst pitchers I've seen in all baseball history that I've followed. .That guy shouldn't even be pitching for a little league team. I'm sorry but Biangi has no potential to be a good ball player. Maybe he would be a better sports announcer or something.

Just because some one does good in the minor leagues doesn't mean they will do good in the majors. It's like doing well in high school but finding out college is much harder than high school.

Ok it's the winter. Keep your Blue Jays posters on the wall. And don't forget to get your Blue Jays pillow cases either. .When Spring arrives you will be at the stadium early in the morning to be the first ones to get in the park. Because you're a true Blue Jays fan. . And as the saying goes. The early Blue Jay catches the ball.

So who would like to start the Blue Jays conversation off?