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Spouses Beware..You Just Never Know When


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Why Are Deaths Of People Only Worth Insanity Plea?

You know everytime I read about a murder case of late the only one thing I also read is that
an insanity case is going to be put together.
Why is the killing of a person never worth more then that anymore?

If this keeps being the case then expect to read a lot more of this kind of murder going on.
Look at how easy this is getting..

Florida Military Mom on Trial for Killing Kids - NBC News

Pay close attention that this to me is premeditated..
They will also see a woman who bought a gun the weekend before the killings — and who complained in a letter that a three-day waiting period would "delay the massacre."


Free Spirit
Staff member
She planned that, I think she should be in prison the rest of her life since they aren't going for the death sentence. Kill you kids like that, sad.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
In here a woman dies every 2.5 days because of conjugal violence, and 2 men every month for the same reason (although they say most of the women who eventually kill their spouses are victims of violence that just had had enough). I think what shocks me in family killings is that it's not like you can't divorce or just walk away. These people are so disturbed that not only they are depressed about their state, they would take with them their children! Perhaps it is call for more support groups for parents or spouses. The most depressing news I heard was a dad who committed suicide and left his spouse and 3 toddler children. Then 3 months after, the wife committed suicide and also killed all the children to end it all. Whoa.


Problematic Shitlord
I wonder if any of her mental illness is a result of miltiary action? I don't see the article mentioning that she had seen any action but still, I wonder if this is something that she should have received more help with. I'm also disturbed that someone with that mental health history only had a 3 day window to get a gun.