Spousal Rape

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  1. ysabel

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    It is a non-consensual sexual assault in which the victim is the spouse. In some states/countries, marital rape has been criminalised related to the concept of human rights violation.

    However, some cultures and places still value a spouse's unlimited conjugal rights (whether the couple is estranged or not, as long as they're still legally married).

    So do you think there is no spousal rape? Or do you agree that it's a violation and perhaps should be criminalised?

  2. Millz

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    So what you're saying is that in some cultures there's no such thing as spousal rape just because they are bond together by marriage?

    I dont agree with that if that's what you're asking. You dont own the other person just because they are married to you. You cannot force yourself on someone. They have their own rights that are protected.
  3. ysabel

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    I'll just be quoting wiki here, lol:

  4. icegoat63

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    to me sex must be Consensual. If its non-consensual sex... it is Rape.

    To me it doesnt matter whether you're married, engaged, never known eachother, drunk, high, or whatever other state of being is possible. If a party does not consent to sex and still has it forced upon them, it is Rape in my opinion.

    I have heard that some cultures have very different values than this, My Uncle whom my Aunt is married to is Lebanese and the stories I hear from my Aunt about his family are surprising to me in terms of how far behind they are in Civil Rights. The women are there simply to be seen and to make Babies/Pleasure, nothing else. My Uncle is a tad more modern but it is funny to watch him 'cause old habits are hard to break, I've straight up heard him tell her and my mom "Please move out of the kitchen, you are doing it wrong, this is why women shouldnt cook" :hah: Obviously that has nothing to do with Marital Rape, but I still cant help but think that a culture that has that low of an opinion of Women is probably by example the kind that would foster marital rape.... and probably say its the Womens fault for not being interested. :eyebrow:
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  5. Millz

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    Personally i dont agree with what St Paul is saying there. How can he say we dont have authority over our own bodies? IMO nobody has authority over my body except for me.

    Goat said exactly what I'm thinking...its rape if sex is forced upon you...whether married or not married.
  6. EllyDicious

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    it's plain and simple that it's wrong.
    agreed with Ice.

    that's true. women are seen as objects .. as a machine to produce babies.

    that's why forced sex is part of the low consideration and disrespect that males have towards females, over those countries.
    they think they can do whatever they want without taking in consideration the needs of their women.
  7. Merc

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    Rape is rape. End of story.

    If you're married, it's worse. It means that you're such a miserable fuckstick that you have to rape your wife/husband just to get that satisfaction. It should be treated the same as a stranger raping someone.
  8. Puck

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    I agree with the majority- Rape is rape.

    And yes, in some cultures, women are considered as low as possible on the totem pole, but that seems to be the case within their own country.
    Not to say that I think it's right, but in their eyes they aren't doing anything wrong. It may seem wrong to us and the way we view human rights but they live in a completely different kind of world than we could ever dream of.
    In countries as poverty stricken as some of the places where most of these non-consensual sexual relations take place, it's possible that their population will die out completely without a little force. I mean, most of these countries aren't exactly in ideal conditions to be making, having or raising children, but their society has to grow somehow.

    After saying all of that, I am totally against non-consensual sex, especially within a marriage and if I could do anything to help prevent it, I would. I truly believe the parties involved need to be of consenting age and in a clear state of mind. I just think people need to look at the other side of things instead of judging and critizing so harshly, that's all.
  9. Wade8813

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    In defense of the Bible, I don't think that passage is saying "you can rape your spouse!" It's saying that spouses in a good relationship shouldn't put off sex all the time because you're tired, or whatever (as often happens). Because when you marry someone, you're committing to each other. It's that "what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours" mentality (which is good for a marriage), not permission to rape each other.
  10. Iris

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    My mom's first husband raped her, that's why I have older siblings. I believe it is wrong. Rape is rape, married or not, it's wrong.

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