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Ok to stay fit, i wrestle. what does everyone else do?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I get up at 6:00 am most days and alternate either running or lifting. I don't really play any sports except for casually on occasion.
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Heavy Weapons Guy
I've done some wrestling. I also swim in the spring. This year I'll probably only swim because I'm lifting super hard to get prepared for swim season so I can dominate the fly. I run sometimes too.


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I do Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track
it's really fun to do any of these sports but they do require endurance especailly... all of them


New Member
I'm active virtually all day. Muay thai from 8AM-11AM (+ jogging and skipping as a warm up), afternoon session from 4PM-7PM and yoga afterwards... I hang out at a local health club a lot swimming or playing badminton, basketball or tennis. Lift 3 times a week. Boogie board and surf a lot... brush up on my judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu a few times a week. Whatever I feel like really.
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I am Heavy Weapons Guy
I wrestle, I run, I lift weights, and I play football. I am always in the best shape when it is in wrestling season (winter), because wrestling the hardest and most physically demanding sport that there is. I stay in pretty good shape. :cool: